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Its Real Whitening Cream

Its Real Whitening Cream

Bano Cosmetics Korea, Republic of

Day & Night cream which provides a perfect whitening effect through customized care for day and night. Day Cream : Whitening tone-up cream which makes the skin bright and look radiant by providing immediate whitening effect and brightening effect . Night Cream : Night cream which soothes tired skin for the day with whitening effect through 5 whitening ingredients while you are sleeping. DeoxyArbutin (Alpha-Arbutin) : Material Imported from DSM company in Switzerland for melanin care form inside the skin layer for more whitening effect compared to existing beta arbutin Palmitoyltripeptide-5 : Promote collagen and controls melanin synthesis for tightened and bright skin with wrinkle improvement and whitening ingredient.

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Brand : Bano Cosmetics
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Manufactured In : Korea, Republic of
Suitable Skin Type : All Skin type including sensitive skin
Main Ingredients :
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Its Real Whitening Cream
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