Make Up Tutorial
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G9 Skin Ac Solution Patch
Easy Solution for Acne with pus, mild treatment for your skin
Real Virtual Makeup Lipstick
Compare a live video with Glay on our virtual makeup lipstick
Pearl Mask Review by Glay
Hear the effects of pearl mask from Glay
G9 IT clean Blackhead Cleansing Stick
How to remove blackheads effectively?
Berrisom Eyebrow Tattoo Pack
Peel Off Eyebrow Makeup with long lasting effects!
Berrisom Lip Tint Pack
Peel off lipstick with long lasting effect
Elishacoy's Make Up
Glowing Look Make Up Effect
Elishacoy's Nudy CC Cream
Elishacoy's Nudy CC Cream
Elishacoy's 3D Spin Cleaner
3D Spin Cleaner tested