Jul 03
Solution to Minimize Successful Pore Views

Solution to Minimize Successful Pore Views

When your pores are very large due to genetics, there is only so much to do, even though I have at least learned what to do to reduce my blackheads that seem permanent. From my trials and errors over the years, I have taken a few tips. If your experience with blackheads is similar to my experience, keep reading, and hopefully my pore-reducing solution will help you too.



I tried using lots of products with niacinamide. This is a magical ingredient for various skin problems, but for me it helps to regulate sebum production and minimize the appearance of pores.

Think of it this way: when your skin produces less sebum, there is little chance for that sebum to be trapped in your pores and in turn oxidize and become blackheads. I was first introduced through the skin care brand Deciem, and started using their serum Niacinamide + Zinc every day, morning and night. I immediately saw the difference, and then hit the plateau. To improve it, I started using cleansers with niacinamide and again noticed the initial differences. I decided to take it one step further by including a moisturizer with niacinamide in it too. That completes the trifecta for me. Smaller pores and less oily skin suddenly become normal to me.


Even though I was prescribed Retin-A in my adolescence, I was very vigilant about introducing retinol into my routine now because my acne was more controlled - I felt maybe I didn't need it. However, because the material is so extraordinary, I want to try it. The main goal of retinol (in almost all forms) is to quickly reverse old skin and produce new skin, which is usually most useful for acne, hyperpigmentation and aging. Little do I know how useful this is for the appearance of the pores. After one week of introducing retinol (I use soft and free-to-sell 2% retinoids), I did not experience irritation (which I was very worried about) and instead, the skin was smooth like glass with minimized pores. Now, I put it into a habit in my routine twice a week, and I'm sure to wear sunscreen because of that!


On my days 'NOT' using retinol, I like to use a very mild AHA to keep exfoliation without irritating my skin. Chemical exfoliants help remove dirt, oil, and dead skin cells from the pores, which in turn reduces the appearance of the size of the pores. I chose Mandelic or Azelaic acid, both very soft and also anti-bacterial, so it not only helps minimize my pores, but also prevents acne in the future. I do this three nights a week.


If you asked me a year ago if I used oil in my skin care routine, my answer was, "Never, never will." However, after I tried Oil Cleanser, I was very nervous to fear I would wake up with new zits, but it didn't happen, and most of all, I noticed my pores look smaller.

How could this happen? Applying oil directly to the skin is very moisturizing, and in turn, your skin produces less oil. When your skin produces less oil, there is less oil to clog your pores and make it look bigger. In addition, the pores can grow when your skin is dehydrated, so using oil or even incorporating hyaluronic acid in your routine can help your skin stay hydrated and your pores look smaller. I personally like borage seed oil because of its anti-inflammatory properties, but popular oils like rosehip, marula, and squalane will all be beneficial.


The skin is incomplete without pores so this is inevitable - nothing, and I mean nothing, can really change the size of your pores (find more pore myths on May 17 blogs). Your pore size is largely genetically determined, but there are several ways to make it look smaller and that is a success in my blog. Try some of my successes and see what works for you!