Jun 10
How to Get Rid of Acne Scars

How to Get Rid of Acne Scars


Acne is a condition that most people must bear for the rest of their lives. For some people, it is the phase that will pass during puberty, for others the condition lasts longer and can leave marks.


What are Acne Scars?


Acne scars form when the skin becomes damaged by inflammation, inflamed spots or boils.


The result can be a permanent lump on the skin where too much collagen is formed to heal scars. Or it could also be a depression area resembling a small hole when tissue is lost because the scar is healed.


Inflammation is the most important factor in the development of scars - The more inflammation of the skin, the more likely it is to form.


The Best Time to Treat Acne Scars


The first thing to remember about acne scars is that you must have patience to fade. Depending on the weight of the former, it can take from one or two weeks to several months to heal.


There are a number of practical steps you can take to avoid making scars worse:


Keep the affected area / scars from strong sunlight. This can leave the mark more prominent.


Don't scrape and squeeze spots. The more you do it, the more likely you are to make the mark worse. Because you cause the infection to get worse and damage collagen.


The best time to treat acne scars is when they are relatively new because it can be more difficult to get good results if the marks have already been formed. Old scars are difficult to treat and often require medical approaches such as revisions to surgical scars or laser treatments.


The product recommendations from Happy Beauty are:

1. Dr. Vita Clinic C Plus Brightening
It contains Vitamin C, of ??course, to whiten, brighten and help to fade pigmentation. Coenzyme Q10 prevents the formation of melanin in the skin

2. Astazet 4.0
Astazet 4.0 treats dark spots and dark skin tones due to sun exposure. It focuses on brightening the spots that damage your appearance and even your skin tone.

3. Real White Illumination Cream
Serves to Whiten, Fade 34% Black Spots in 2 Weeks of Use, with 3 Natural Extract Complexes that are (1) White Giga (Brightening) (2) Acti White (Whiten Skin Color and Black Melanin Fading Causes Spots - Clear Skin) (3) Willow Bark (Healthy and Luminous). 1 series is recommended

4. Prestige Jeju Mayu Cream
Contains 12% Mayu Fermentation, Pure Gold Extract, Herbal Complex, Vitamins and Youth water that has been patented by Elishacoy. Function: (1) Whiten (Double Whitening Formula), (2) Brighten (3) Nourishing (4) Tightening (5) Smoothing Skin Texture. Recommendations for Dry Skin Types

5. Red Serum

Serves to fade black pigmentation (black spots), brighten, whiten, soothe, tighten and maintain skin vitality. Rich in antioxidant skin to prevent aging.

6. SK II Whitening Spot Specialist Concentrate

The most intensive bleach from SK II. Serves to fade black spots / stubborn pigmentation. Contains Pitera and whitening complexes. How to use: Use 1 sachet every night, use it for 28 days (4 weeks) and the difference appears.



Current Medical Approach to Treating Acne Scars

It is important to remember that some acne scars will take a long time to heal and require daily treatment to achieve the best results. In this case, it should be noted that scientists are still researching effective methods for treating acne scars.


Although many chemical products with natural extracts make claims to be effective, it is interesting to note surgical professors at the UC San Diego School of Medicine, Dr. Terence Davidson said: "There are many things you can buy, but none of them have scientific validity. "


Now scientists are exploring different methods for removing acne scars. They need special procedures and skilled procedures by doctors. These include skin needling, punch techniques, exfoliation, tissue enlargement, fat transfer, laser re-coating, and silicone gels to treat keloid scars5. Treatment for each person depends on the type and severity of the scar tissue.