Jun 12
5 Things you need to know about face mask

5 Important Things You Need to Know about Masks


1. Sheet Mask can be used by Sensitive Skin

Many types of makers have the function of hydrating and soothing the skin. We recommend that you select a mask that contains Aloe vera, Bija and Green Tea. Choose a mask that is free of artificial coloring, artificial fragrance, and paraben. We recommend Innisfree mask My Real Squeeze Mask Aloe vera and Green Tea for you.


2. Select the Mask as per your skin Type



Masks have different functions. It works to Whiten, Prevent Aging and Soothes skin. Choosing the wrong mask can cause clogged pores and skin problems getting dry or oily. If you have any type of dry skin avoid using a mud mask that serves to lift sebum.

3. Using Mask for 20 minutes



The use of masks in the maintenance routine involves injecting all the benefits of the ingredients into the skin. The skin can look bright and moist in an instant. But the use of a mask that is too long will cause the mask sheets to suck the moisture from your skin. Ha is caused by a sheet of mask that began mongering. Make sure you never sleep with your Mask. You will wake up with paper and dry skin.


4. Difference Material Mask Sheet


Material The mask sheet can affect the absorption of nutrients in the mask. The best material is a sheet of mask sheet made from Bio Cellulosa. Usually masks that use this material will be more expensive. Common materials used Cotton is a better grade material than Non-Woven Fiber. Here is the order of mask material from worst to best. Non-Woven Fiber, Cottons, Hydrogel and Bio-Cellulose.

5. Mud mask for all skin types



There is often misconception about a mud mask. That mud mask is only suitable for oily or nursing skin types. It was not! Mud masks can also have properties to moisturize and hydrate the skin. Simultaneously remove toxins and impurities on the skin. One of the mud masks that matches the dry skin type is Dr. Pore Tightening Pink Clay Mask.