Feb 02
What Is Pobling Pore Sonic Cleanser?




Pobling sonic cleanser is an electronic face cleansner with ultra fine brush and able to vibrate 10,000/minute to clean and massage your face. It is very soft and able to reach into your smallest pores. Pobling sonic cleanser is waterproof so it can be used during bath. Here are the following 5 benefits of Pore cleanser

1. More Effective in Removing Blackheads

It is able to reach into your smallest pores to remove blackheads. It can also cleanse the makeup of face more effectively than using your hands.

2. Increases Skin's absorption rate of Creams and Serums

By removing the layer of dirt, sebum and dead skin cells, it increases the ability of skin to absorb nutrients

3. Prevent Acne and Blackhead

Cleansing with ultra fine brush will remove blockage of pores that cause problems such as pimple and blackhead

4. Improve Skin Texture

Gentle cleansing with massage process can improve metalbolism of facial cells so the face will be brighter and do not produce excess sebum

5. Tighten the skin

Ultra Sonice massage of 10,000/minute will enhance blood circulation of the skin so the skin will feel more elastic and tight