Jan 17
Simple Detox Juice for Health and Beauty


Detox has become popular these past few years. Detoxification serves to keep you healthy and discharge the toxins accumulated in the body. You can do detoxification process by simply drinking fruit juice or vegetables without adding sugar into it for two or three days in a row.


In general detoxification juice is made by mixing fruits with vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, red pepper and mint leaves. Additionaly, detox juice can also be used for diet and increase endurance. The abundance of vitamins and nutrients can accelerate the healing process. Here we share some Detox Juice recipes with you:


1. Lemon mixed Juice.


Material :


300 Gram Apple, washed

1 Citrus Fruit in the squeezed water

½ Lemon Lemon Fruit

 2. Papaya Juice and Mint Leaf


Material :


150 grams of papaya fruit

4 sweet oranges

6 mint leaves

3. Ginger Zinger juice


Material :


1.5 cm ginger

½ cup parsley

½ Lemon

½ cucumber

1 Green apple

2 cups of spinach

4. Bit-tel Juice




200 gram bits (beetroot), peeled

200 grams of carrot, peeled

1 lemon, take the water


How to process detox juice is very easy, you mix all the ingredients and put in the blender, you can use the filter to remove the dregs.