Jul 28
Our Simple Guide To Getting Rid Of Blackheads For Clearer, Smoother Skin

Nobody likes blackheads. They’re oily, they aren’t pretty, and they create unsightly holes in your face if they’re popped! So what can a girl do to be rid of them?

Plenty of products claim to be the one-stop solution for blackheads, but most people realise that it just isn’t that simple. A pore strip might work quickly (and satisfyingly), but blackheads WILL recur without a good skincare regimen in place. It’s always good to remember that good skincare habits applied consistently yield the greatest results, and with that said, here is our simple, essential guide to a clear, blackhead free complexion!

1) Cleanse!
When you’re out in the world going about your day, it’s easy to forget that you’re exposed to outside elements; this means dust, dirt, and oil are going to be coating your face at the end of a long day. It’s not a great visual, but it’s true! That is why it is important that you cleanse your face daily to strip it of all that grime and prevent it from sinking in to your pores and letting it cause greater damage.
Quick Tip: Do NOT touch your face! No matter how clean your hands might seem to be, there will most likely be bacteria on your fingertips that you don’t want festering on your face.   
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2) Exfoliate!
As blackheads are exposed pores and form beneath the surface of your skin, it is realistically difficult to clear these away with only cleansing, which is an external step.
Dermatologists recommend a common household item to help with this; regular baking soda! Applied with water, baking soda will form a paste that can be used to penetrate and clean out those clogged pores. It has a mattifying effect and will strip oil away from your skin, as well as balance your skin’s pH level. As this method can be a little on the harsh side, it is usually recommended that it is done only 1-2 times a week.
Another good way to get some deep-penetrating cleansing action is to use a facial mask on a regular basis. Clay masks work especially well for this purpose.
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3) Tone!
This is a step often forgotten, but so important for long-lasting effects. Toning actually removes the micro-dirt we miss when we cleanse, restores your skin’s pH level, and most pertinently here, shrinks those pores! If you have very large, visible pores, toning can actually improve its appearance and preventing excess oil buildup – keeping them a healthy size. 
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4) Moisturise!

Dry skin will produce oil in excess – and we all know what that leads to. Exfoliating without moisturising can exacerbate this, and that is why it is important to keep your skin balanced. It also can’t hurt having a moisturised face that looks and feels good!

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5) Bring Out The Cavalry!
After all has been done, you may want to look at some heavy-hitting blackhead clearing options. These products will help zone in on those troubled areas and either extract or melt hardened sebum in your skin.
Quick Tip: It is never a good idea extracting blackheads with your fingers (gasp) or even with tools if you aren’t an experienced beautician. It might be temporarily satisfying, but if you don’t like ugly scarring (and who does?) try instead a blackhead-eliminating product or take a trip downtown for a fun facial!

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We know that the road to a blackhead-free complexion is a long and tough one, but the best results are earned! Keep at it, be consistent, and we know you’ll see some awesome results.