Jun 29
4 Key Anti-Aging Tips You Can’t Afford To Compromise On

Found a new wrinkle today you haven’t noticed before? We’ve all been there. Long hours at work, stress at home and other factors can all contribute to a tired-looking, lined, and lacklustre visage.

Let’s not kid ourselves here - staying youthful is going to take some effort. While it can be tempting to forgo the whole painstaking process of a daily skincare routine, it’s important to remember that it’ll all pay off in time to come.

If you need a little reminding, here are some borderline-biblical anti-aging tips to keep you in check:


We can’t stress this enough. Proper protection against the sun’s harsh UV rays is essential not only to protect your skin from skin cancer (as if this weren’t important enough already!) but also to reduce and delay the appearance of sun spots, age spots, and fine lines.

How do we do it? Sunscreen of course! Never go out of the house without it. Not-so-fun fact: As long as your skin is exposed to sunlight, the same still applies - even if you’re working within the walls of your own home.

Dermatologists recommend a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30, and with Broad Spectrum Coverage, which covers both types of UV rays for better overall protection.

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Dry skin becomes wrinkled skin over time, and not moisturising regularly may actually speed up that dreaded process. That is why it is so important that your skin gets the hydration it needs to keep looking plump, fresh and young.

A little moisturiser before and after work never hurt anybody - and who can pass up those pretty hydrating face masks that make your face glow after you take them off! It’s worth the while, trust me, and your skin will thank you for it in the years to come.

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It may be tempting, after a long day at the office, to roll into bed without wiping off all that thick makeup from your day out. RESIST THAT TEMPTATION! Leaving the chemicals contained in your makeup on your face overnight can clog your pores and prevent your skin from breathing - leading to sudden breakouts, dark circles, and faster visible aging.

Find yourself a good cleanser that suits your skin-type and doesn’t dry your skin out. A nice little scrub once or twice a week will strip dead cells from the surface of your skin, leaving it feeling newer and fresh.

Quick tip: Be gentle on your face and don’t scrub too hard! Use your third and fourth finger (the fingers that apply the least pressure) to gently spread your product on your face while moving it upwards in a circular motion.

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While good skincare products can slow the tick-tock of time, it’s good to remember that it’s usually what’s inside that counts.

Taking proper care of your God-given body tends to show on the outside too, so do get those 7 solid sleep hours (at least) and skip those processed meals for a bit in favour of natural, organic superfoods like a few multi-coloured fruits and veggies. You’ll notice and feel the difference within days, and have a glow radiating from the inside out! :)

A little effort goes a long way, so why don’t you start today?