May 24
Camille and Happybeauty

Listen up beauty addicts! Another onestop shop for all your beauty needs has arrived! Introducing Happy Beauty Philippines, a subsidiary of Happy Beauty Singapore. Like it’s Singaporean counterpart, Happy Beauty PH carries a wide variety of brands such as Clarins, Estee Lauder, Kose, Fancl, SKII, Babyliss and more. But instead of reviewing the more well-known brands I just mentioned, I decided to shine the spotlight on Korean brand, Elisa Coy, for this post. This way, all you beauty addicts get to add another brand in your always growing beauty directory.

First up is Elisha Coy’s Moist Up Super Hyalurone Cream. It is said to contain marine collagen, 6 vitamins, extract from wildflower ingredients, hyaluronic acid and Elisha Coy’s patented Youth Water technology to prevent wrinkles and whiten skin tone.

I was really excited to try this product because as you all know, I’m a sucker for anything oil free. This moisturizer is in a non-sticky, non-oily lightweight pinkish gel form that absorbs quite fast into the skin. I don’t know if it’s because of the Youth Water component but when I tried it on my face, it felt so refreshing–like the feeling you get right after you splash your face with water. I definitely felt like it hydrated my skin and made it more supple and soft. In terms of helping out in the wrinkles department though, I have yet to see the effects since I’m not really so wrinkly…yet. (God, be kind to me.)

The second product I tried is Elisha Coy’s Pink Blooming CC Cushion Foundation which is what I’m wearing here. It is multi-functional with ingredients that whiten, prevent wrinkles, protect from UV rays, moisturize and smoothen.

So as you can see, the cushion contains 2 different colors in one–50% color control base and 50% blooming pink essence. The color control base protects your skin from UV rays, covers blemishes and smoothens skin. The pink essence, on the other hand, contains damask rose components that freshen skin and lighten your complexion with a pinkish tone. Together, the two stabilize and adjust the skin tone to achieve a natural look. Aside from this, the cushion also has 45% hydrating ingredients to keep your skin moisturized all day long, sebum control powder to leave your skin matte and fresh and Youth Water for easy absorption.

At first, I was kind of iffy how this cushion would blend onto my skin but surprisingly, it really does blend into one even color! It’s definitely for the fair-skinned women though since it’s a bit on the lighter side. I wore this for the entire day and I must say, my oiliness was well-controlled. My skin didn’t go crazy oily and was still easy to handle.

If you’re looking for a CC cushion that provides more coverage, Elisha Coy also has the Perfect Cover CC Cushion (SPF50+/PA+++). It contains hyaluronic acid and jeju aloe vera for extra skin hydration, patented 5-a avocuta to capture sebum and leave your skin matte and fresh, youth water for easy absorption and more. Each Perfect Cover CC Cushion Box contains one Perfect Cover Cushion Pact and one refill pact which makes it super affordable too!

This is a side by side comparison of the Perfect Cover CC Cushion and Pink Blooming CC Cushion. Perfect cover is the one on the right. As you can see, it provides more coverage and has less of that pinkish color. In terms of weight, it feels a tiny bit heavier (which is probably why it provides more coverage) but still generally lightweight.

Elisha Coy also has lipsticks!!! Yes, you’re eyes aren’t fooling you. The lipstick I’m holding is indeed blue. But would you believe it’s the same lipstick I’m wearing here? How did this happen??? What sorcery is this??! It’s just Elisha Coy’s Vivid Party Magic Lipstick in Blueberry Sherbet. It’s a 7 in 1 multi-function lipcare that works as a primer, lipbalm, liptint, lipstick, lipliner, fixer and ultraviolet screening. Once you apply it, the temperature of your lips changes the color of the lipstick into a pinkish color. If you want to make the color darker, you can just keep applying it until you achieve your desired color of pink. All this magic is made possible without any parabens and chemicals so your lips are safe–healthy even because of this lippie’s moisturizing ingredients such as grape seed oil, argan oil and punica granatum seed oil. Super cool, right? I couldn’t believe it myself at first but when I tried it, I saw the magic. LOL. And did I mention this lippie is longlasting but doesn’t stain cups, straws and all that shebang? Too cool.

So there you have it! Make sure you visit for more beauty products. These are just a few of the things you can expect from the beauty marketplace. The website also has beauty testimonials and tutorials on there so have fun, beauty addicts!