Aug 01
Get Long-Lasting Glowing Skin With This Product!

Beautiful glowing skin. Beyoncé wants it. Katy Perry wanted it. we all want that . But unless you have a skin care budget of a million dollars or are lucky enough to have naturally soft and healthy skin, to "shine" all year round, we need effort to achieve it. And , it's not easy.
Better late than never, we try some products that make our skin dry, maybe one skin mask will make our skin very oily. It's trial and error.
In order to find the truly amazing products that are suitable for our skin, we need to try several skin care products to find the best one for our skin. To help you make your skin glow, try our holy grail product, our Number 1 must-have method for clearer skin fast - oil cleansing.
Oil cleansing effectively removes your make-up, all the dirt and dust that accumulates on your skin throughout the day and most importantly, helps to get rid of your pores too. cleans oil much deeper into your pores to cleanse your skin. Plus it won't coat your skin with natural oils, so your skin won't feel dry and tight afterwards.
The trick here is to use your oil cleanser to first remove your make up. Then do the second step to remove excess makeup that didn't come out of the first stage and also to open up your pores. Finally, take the tip of your finger gel cleanser and wash it all off! You will feel that the oil comes off easily without pulling on your skin. And you will feel super soft and brighter skin after that!
If you want to achieve easy, pure castor, grapeseed oil and jojoba are great to try. They all contain nutrients for your skin.
However, if you want even more benefits for your skin, here are three amazing oil cleansers packed with lots of amazing plant ingredients that you can enjoy:
Sulwhasoo Gentle Cleansing Oil
Formulated with a traditional Korean herb - Coix Lacryma-Jobi (Long Lasting Skin) Orange and Straw Extract, this cleansing oil helps to effectively remove dirt and dead skin cells for clearer and healthier skin. White Birch encourages natural circulation and cycles the skin for a healthy glow.
Featured at the 2015 Her World Beauty Awards (Bloggers' Choice for Cleansing Oil). This cleansing oil completely removes waterproof makeup and cleans pores effectively for supple and healthy skin.


Dermalogica Pre Cleanser

This cleansing oil effortlessly cleans dirt and make-up from the deepest depths of your skin. Just add water to turn it into a cleansing and softening milk emulsion. Contains Olive, Kukui and Apricot Oils.
Would you like to try an oil cleanser?