Nov 19
How To Take Care Of Your Lips

Chapped Dry Lips? chapped lips don't look good and can't be applied to your favorite trending lipstick colors. Hot weather, spending time in air-conditioned rooms and dehydration will make lips dry, and make lips unhealthy. To help with your lip problems, below are some tips and products to help make your lips feel soft.

Lip Care Tips:

  • Don't bite or lick your lips, this is the best way to treat your lips! Saliva makes lips very dry, and drink lots of water if your lips feel dry.
  • Do not touch! Touching your lips with your hands will make the bacteria on your hands move to your lips.
  • Make Lip balm your friend! Use a really moisturizing and natural lip balm is the best to keep your lips soft and healthy. Use once before starting your day and before applying lipstick. Berrisom's OOPS My Triple Tint Balm is the best choice! With one color lip balm, natural ingredients, and moisturizing your lips all day long, this lipbalm will be a BFF. With ingredients such as Mango, Beeswax, Shea Butter & Avocado Oil to make your lips shiny, soft and healthy!
  • Care for your lips! Treat lips to something rejuvenating and packed with moisture. Our newest product SOS My Lip Patch is a 5 moisturizing hydrogel lip mask to remove dirt on the lips! This mask is perfect for the curved wrinkles around your lips.
  • Lip massage! Yes that's right, your lips need a massage now and then! Massage your lips to improve blood circulation and remove dead skin cells. Homemade scrubs using sugar can help, but you can also use a lip cleansing product like this one from Berrisom! The Lip Tint Cleanser is the best to clean your lips slowly and effectively. Cleans various lip products left on the lips, scrub removes dead skin cells and moisturizes all in one product!


So don't forget that your lips need care too, stay moisturized and follow the tips above to get soft and healthy lips. If you have dry lips, which tips would you try?